Conservas La Receta

Mediterran and artisan preserves from Almería, Andalusia

We are a company from Almería dedicated to the manufacture of prepared and semi-prepared preserves that are one hundred percent natural. With all the flavor of our land and sea.

Our octopus comes from the fishing grounds of Almería, being daily selected in the fish market. The rest of the raw material comes from the province, obtaining totally national and Mediterranean products.

Our philosophy is to bring Mediterranean cuisine to each home using food from our own land, without artificial additives. Because eating fast should not be at odds with eating healthy.

Pulpo Ajillo 550G
Pulpo Al Ajillo 550 Gramos


Each preserve is handmade


Some information about our preserves

We make preserves of fish, jams, vegetables and prepared food.

Glass Jars

All the preserves are in glass jars.


We take care of the external image as much more its flavor

Best before

Best before 5 years


We bet on the quality of the raw material, using only the best that the market offers us, practically all of it is selected in the local market.


We do not stop researching new products and a clear example is the paella's preserve.


We take care that the taste is the most faithful reflection of the kitchen at grandma's house.

We are members since its founding of Sabores Almería

Since its foundation, we have been members of the quality label for agri-food products in our province in the Gold category.

The agri-food Brand 'Sabores Almería' is a quality badge that brings together restaurant establishments, shops, agri-food and fishery products from the province of Almería and exports them all over the world under a unique and incomparable business card. Synonymous with health and the best flavor, the products of this gourmet seal are a guarantee for businesses and restaurant establishments that take them to their shelves or recipes to bring them closer to tourists and visitors from the five continents.

Our Products

We make a wide range of preserves

Our Team

Brothers and partners, we bring complicity to the kitchen of our preserves.




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